Chuguev – Milove

Extent of a site for repair: 20
Period of time: 05.04.2018 — 20.10.2018
Lugansk region
Place: км 2+635 - км 110+735
State: Finished
Client: Motorways of Ukraine
The Task The current average repair of the road of public importance to the general use

The repairers of the company “Motorway-South” plan to complete the work on the restoration of the highway before the fall. This year it is planned to complete the work on separate three sections of the highway: 8-17 km, 62-66 km and 70-77 km. This will allow connecting the direction of the traffic from the intersection of the source of the highway Kiev-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky to the city of Kupyansk.

The Solution The works are executed on the technology of

(Ua) Траса Н-26 «Чугуїв-Мілове» поєднує Луганську область із Харківщиною. Дорога проходить районними центрами двох областей. Зокрема, містами Чугуїв, Шевченкове, Куп`янськ та Біловодськ.

Implementation The total length of the repaired road this year was about 20 km.

(Ua) Щоденно укладають понад 1000 тонн щебенево-мастикової асфальтобетонної суміші