Quality standards

All products are made using only qualitative materials from the verified suppliers with the assurance of quality control at all stages of production and is checked for compliance with DSTU by the certified laboratory service of the enterprise.
The plants of the company comply with the strictest environmental standards of the EU and the USA. The subject of special pride is a system for monitoring the quality of the work performed, based on which the most powerful laboratory research and testing base in Ukraine is developed throughout the network of our factories and enterprises.
The work of enterprises is organized in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment. At the factories there are special units of dust and gas cleaning of the container type, in which about 300 filters are installed which clean the air by 99,9% percent. Filter cleaning is carried out automatically, which tracks the degree of filter contamination. And the service department regularly monitors that the filter installation is in good working order. Due to this factories can be located in the maximum proximity to the residential area.