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Volume of asphalt-concrete mixtures produced Length of roads were repaired
120 км
150 thousand
150 км
305 thousand
160 км
340 thousand
82 км
92 thousand
90 км
105 thousand
155 км
250 thousand
300 км
550 thousand
490 км
1070 thousand tons
510 км
1400 thousand
The group of companies "Avtomagistral-Pivden" is the leader of the Ukrainian market of road construction "Avtomagistral-Pivden" operates in most regions of Ukraine, implements the largest and most important infrastructure projects. We are confidently ranked first in TOP-5 ranking of the leading industry companies. And our market share grows dynamically every year.
We have the largest material and technical base among Ukrainian companies, which includes 15 modern asphalt concrete factories and almost a thousand units of various motor vehicles. This allows us to build roads of a truly European level. Today, Avtomagistral-Pivden sets new standards in the industry, the first in Ukraine to attract new technologies and techniques of the best world producers. We have a large team of professionals, we invest in young, talented professionals, working with leading educational institutions. The brand "Avtomagistral-Pivden" is associated with a guarantee of quality and reliability. And we are sure that the company will soon be recognized not only in Ukraine but also in the international market.

The company received its first experience in 2004. A small regional contractor had several dozen employees and a small amount of equipment. But step by step a true national company was built, which the country can really be proud of.
(Ua) Злітно-посадкова смуга Одеси Extent of a site for repair: 2800 м Work period: (Ua) 2017-2019 Customer: ООО "Спецрембуд" Міжнародний аеропорт, місто Одеса
(Ua) Р-15 Ковель-Володимир-Волинський-Червоноград-Жовква Extent of a site for repair: 5км, 6,95 км, 7,5 км Work period: (Ua) 2018 Customer: Служба автомобільних доріг Волинської області Волинська область
(Ua) М-15 Одеса – Рені Extent of a site for repair: 30 ,850 км Work period: (Ua) 2016-2018 Customer: Державна служба автомобільних доріг Одеської області Одеська область
(Ua) Асфальтобетонні заводи в 7 регіонах Today the production is located in 7 regions and consists of 15 production bases. In 2018, the enterprise was first opened in Zaporozhye region
In the same year in the village of. Carriers of Kharkiv region The company has put into operation the most powerful asphalt-concrete plant in Ukraine. Its production capacity is 320 tons of asphalt every hour, which is more than 3500 tons per shift, which today is a record indicator for similar enterprises in Ukraine.  The new modern avto-concrete plants that Avtomagistral-Pivden opens will allow not only to build new roads of a new quality but also to give new jobs to the regions of Ukraine and improve the country's economic climate.
9 the regions
1,4 thousands of tons of asphalt mixes
15 production bases
(Ua) Микола Тимофеєв (Ua) Генеральний директор
(Ua) Карен Сейранов (Ua) Головний інженер
(Ua) Валерій Вакарчук (Ua) Заступник головного інженера
Vitaly Vakarchuk Deputy Director for Economics
(Ua) Олексій Алексєєнко (Ua) Начальник юридичного відділу
(Ua) Ковалив Іван Миколаєвич (Ua) Старший механік
The company The plans of the company in 2018 to expand the fleet to 1000 units
The company "Motorway-South" owns the most modern fleet of road construction machinery of the world-famous manufacturers, which are leaders in machine building. At the disposal of enterprises, more than 750 technological transport and special machines, which meet high requirements and regularly undergo maintenance, to maintain maximum productivity and perform work as soon as possible.
TENDERS We actively participate in tenders both as performers and as customers
Our company actively participates in tenders and often wins thanks to a long-term development strategy, one of the most important elements of which is the modernization of production facilities, qualified personnel and the introduction of advanced technologies in Ukraine.