Career The best conditions for your career growth.
We provide our employees with the opportunity for development and growth within the company, hold seminars, and exchange experience with foreign partners. But we are trying to pay special attention to training the younger generation of road workers, because they are the future not only of our company, but also of the entire infrastructure sector of Ukraine.

Our strategy is continuous development in which we invest every hryvnia earned. That is why we have only new equipment, and the team that has been created for years is a source of special pride. And at the heart of our success is a balanced personnel policy “Highway-South”, based on the principles of independent training and careful selection of specialists and a continuous educational process, which occurs both at seminars and conferences, and during daily hard work. Such a training system is no worse than European: working as engineers, laboratory engineers, mechanics, operators of modern construction equipment, workers receive academic knowledge in combination with the best manufacturing practices that you can imagine.
The best - the new generation We support university education for future road builders.
The quality and further development of specialized education is one of the priorities of the public-private partnership of our company.

Avtomagistral-Pivden not only supports the material and technical base of educational institutions and organizes paid practices for students of colleges and universities, but also supports the training of future road workers financially. We have a credit program for applicants on a contractual basis. Subsequently, after the protection of diplomas, they get a guaranteed job in the best road-building company in Ukraine! Future specialists in the crediting program of our company study at the National Transport University of the Capital and Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University. Moreover, since 2016 Avtomagistral-Pivden cooperates with one of the best road training colleges - Barsky College of Transport and Construction of NTU, which is located in Vinnytsia region. We have a fairly fruitful partnership, which continues to this day. Avtomagistral-Pivden invites to its practice the fourth-year students and graduates to study the program "Getting a profession." The program works successfully: almost half of the 100 students of the 2016-2017 graduations. successfully employed in our company. Our student loan program is no less successful: not a single student has waived his obligations under the contract - everyone continues to work in the Avtomagistral-Pivden team.
(Ua) Інженер з охорони праці (Ua) Досвід роботи в будівельній організації від 2-х років (Ua) 9 000 ₴ Read more
(Ua) Начальник виробничої дільниці (Ua) Досвід роботи в сфері дорожнього будівництва 5років (Ua) 30 000 ₴ Read more
(Ua) Інженер-кошторисник (Ua) Досвід роботи в сфері будівництва від 2-х років (Ua) 20 000 ₴ Read more
(Ua) Інженер ВТК (дорожнє будівництво) (Ua) Вища будівельна освіта, досвід роботи в дорожньому будівництві від 2-х років (Ua) 30 000 ₴ Read more
(Ua) Прораб (Ua) Вища освіта, досвід роботи в сфері дорожнього будівництва 3 роки (Ua) 25 000 ₴ Read more